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Sweet Goods NYC

I don’t know about you, but I have a definite love affair with mid century modern furniture. Maybe it stems from the history behind it. The Modernist movement that occurred 60 years ago really put America at the forefront of furniture design.  Mid century modern furniture just oozes with this optimism of its generation. Charles and Ray Eames are probably the most recognized American modern designers. With there focus on sleek, modern and simple, they also strived for functionality and affordability. This couple wanted all people and families to enjoy beautiful aesthetics within there home. I love their furniture for this reason most of all!

Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram, I discovered a super talented girl, based out of Brooklyn NY who scours the streets and Internet for old mid century pieces and gives them a fabulous new life! Sweet Goods is the shop name, and I think that is so appropriate! Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a piece of Americana in your home! I think it shows honor to these historical pieces, that she refreshes their life. It’s important that they are always around, and Sweet Goods is definitely playing a role in their preservation. Sweet Goods owns a shop through Etsy and also has a blog through tumblr, where you can follow some of the transformations of their finds. In her Etsy shop you can also find some really fun modern accessories and light fixtures. If you love modern furniture, you will love this little shop!


Hope enjoy browsing and have a wonderful weekend!

Mid Century Modern Dream Home

I was over at The Design Files this morning and came across this stunning home! An industrial where house turned into a mid century modern dream! Do you see those gorgeous orange Eames chairs and that chesterfield sofa! I’m dying! They did a perfect job decorating this open industrial space!


I’m loving all the area rugs she has chosen! It adds such great texture to each space and defines each area you are in. What a great way to decorate an open floor plan!

Hope you enjoyed viewing these home photos as much as I did! Have a great weekend!


Featuring a great little Etsy shop – Old New House

We all love Etsy!! I especially love this shop! Old New House has a fantastic collection of furniture, rugs, wall art and different little home accessories! There collection of vintage persian rugs will make you drool! Melissa and Dave have great pieces from mid century modern style to industrial, with some cool primitive/ old world items in between. I love how they feature there items, you really could picture them in your home. Take a look at some of there wonderful pieces for your home!


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