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Live off your land!

My father is an extremely handy guy who loves his home. He has always tried to find ways to make his yard look beautiful and be low maintenance, economical and sustainable all at the same time. His yard has evolved throughout the years. He started out with three quarter’s of the property being covered in lush green grass ( about 20 years ). To present day, with the need to be sustainable, three quarter’s of the property is now being used as an orchard and garden that he and my mother get to live off of.  He has a nice big piece of property, but someone with a smaller yard could get inspired to do the same. The photos featured are the process of him taking out grass and putting in raised beds for a beautiful new garden. He built his raised beds out of treated 2 x 8″s. He found a program through City of Los Angles where you can pick up free mulch to surround your beds with. The dirt inside of the beds is called a 50/50 soil mix, which he purchased at his local home improvement center. Of course he had to add a great cement slab for seating in  the new garden! Why not enjoy the beauty you are reaping from! “Live off your land” will be a reoccurring post with new ideas straight from an urban gardener.


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