In a Creative Rut. Part 2

To continue our series on getting through those always tough creative ruts, here are a few more tips.

Listen to podcasts. I love listing to other people talk about their experiences in starting and running businesses, refining their craft, or simply why they do what they do. It is fascinating to me to learn how people found their passion, and how they continue to thrive in their industry.

Here are a few worth a listen-

  1.  After the Jump – Grace Bonny, of Design Sponge, interviews makers and designers along with sharing some of her own personal tips on business success.
  2.  Design Matters – This one is mostly graphic design related. But if you are interested in blogging   or running any creative business, I think this one is very appropriate to you. Debbie Millman discusses design topics.
  3.  Design 101 – Interviews and talks about Interior Design, Decorating and running a design business
  4.  The Lively Show – A “blogcast” all about living your life with intention. It’s host Jess Lively is a life style guru with tons of tips on molding the best life you can. She also has a great website with loads of ideas on implementing intention in your life. Check it out here.

Don’t force creativity. If you need to walk away from a project or your own personal creative routine for a bit, do it. It might help get your edge back. Stressing and worrying about it will just make the situation worse. You will get your creative juices flowing again!

Listen to Music. Anything that inspires you or makes you feel really happy and good inside. Like you want to get up and dance! I have music playing constantly when i am working at home. It keeps me very motivated to keep working. Music can be a very powerful tool. Don’t underestimate this tip. I won’t push my favorite Pandora stations on you….to each their own in regards to music selection.

Start a journal. A private place you can write all your thoughts down in. This was a crucial step for me personally. I have many ideas flood through my brain at certain points throughout the day. But by the time I am home and ready to focus on writing or brainstorming ideas for the business they are gone. Use your journal to dump all your ideas down in writing. I also like to sketch in my journal, sometimes I have ideas for floor plans or furniture design that I really need to have in ink. It will do well for your creativity to focus all your ideas to one place. You can then pair down ones that are so so to get to the really awesome one! My go to journal ( recommended by my cousin, the graphic designer) is the Leuchtturm1917. I love a medium size one with dots. The dots keep my journal nice and neat. Your journal can also be a place to refer to when in a rut. Something may spark an interest in you from past ideas.

For some ” think outside the box” inspiration I want to share these rad images with you. These are what the homes would look like if designed by some of the worlds most famous artist. Brilliant! I came across them while browsing Fast Company, one of my many monthly reads. These  images may not seem relevant to an article about inspiring creativity, though I was sure inspired when I saw it. My point is, inspiration comes from strange places. Keep your mind open.

in a creative rut part 2

in a creative rut part 2

These illustrations were created be Barcelona based designer, Frederico Babina. You can purchase these and see more of his work here.

Do you have tips for us on getting inspired or pushing through a creative rut? What do you think of the ones I have touched on here? Would any of them work for you?

Always love to hear from you! Have a wonderful week!

{images from Fast Company}

Modernism Week – Park Imperial South

We had the pleasure of attending Modernism Week in Palm Springs this year. What a fantastic celebration of all things Mid Century! There are a number of different home tours you can attend during Modernism week. They all looked so wonderful. We chose to tour the iconic Park Imperial South. A resort style community built in 1961. This modern desert oasis was designed by Barry A. Berkus at the age of 25. He filled these homes with beautiful terrazzo flooring, built in appliances, mahogany shoji screens and charming little private courtyards. Then toped them with the most modern feature yet, their folded plate roofs.   All this packed into a house smaller than 1500 square feet.

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

The owners of these homes have done well to keep the original elements of these mid century classics.  Park Imperial South has been restoring the complex through out the past ten years with the help of funding through the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation.


Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Seven home owners were kind enough to open their homes for us design enthusiasts to tour. They also gave us the opportunity to photograph their well designed mid century interiors.

Enjoy touring our favorite spaces from Park Imperial South. I applaud these home owners for showing such respect to the mid century classics, that are their homes.

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

Modernism Week - Park Imperial South

{ images – Erin Conklin / Girl and the Abode}

In a Creative Rut. Part 1

We all experience moments of pure and utter “blahness”. A state that shows no hope for anything meaningful, unique, fresh or new. We may start to wonder when we will snap out of it? Or will we, because,  sometimes it lasts a bit longer than a moment. This scenario is starting to sound pretty bleak… time for some positive.

I want to share with you my experience with this over the last few months. Somewhere around the middle of January I really started to feel creatively stifled. Its not for lack of any inspiration around me. You can always find something in a time of need. But, I was just letting this rut take over me. I got lazy and stopped writing ,stopped working on creative side projects. Our business also has had a very slow past few months. So, this can obviously come on for a number of reasons. I had to stop this in its tracks! I sat down and staring jotting down ideas to get me out, started really thinking about where I want to be this time next year. I started thinking about how I really need to learn techniques that will pull me out of a creative rut in the future. When you have a creative career, or are building one, its bound to happen, the key is to know yourself and how to pull through this uninspired moment.

I created a pretty extensive list, so, I think i will break this article up into a small series. Every Wednesday over the next month I will give you ideas you can add to your bag of tricks for pulling through a creative rut.

Read Blogs. This one may seem obvious, but seeing what other people are doing in your field can be so inspiring!  A few of my go to reads are:    SFGirlByBay - Victoria Smith has great style and always gives her readers something fresh to  see. Plus, her resources page is chalked full of inspiration! I browse that page often! Diary of an Interior Novice - Doris Lee is a blogger friend of mine. I have mentioned her in past blogs here. She is a student of Interior design and writes about all she is learning along the way. Her writing style is very eloquent, and I always leave her blog feeling inspired to keep  learning more about my field. The Jealous Curator is my most favorite blog to visit for artistic inspiration. She curates some of the most interesting and beautiful art I have come across. All mediums are included in her finds, and they will just blow your mind! Blogs are an endless form of creative research. Here are a few more you an browse:

  1. Door Sixteen
  2. North Little
  3. The House that Lars Built
  4. The Owls House
  5. Meadow at Dusk

I discovered these beautiful installations through The Jealous Curator. They are photographed and created by Autumn de Wilde. Stunning huh?

In a Creative Rut Part 1

In a Creative Rut Part 1

In a Creative Rut Part 1

In a Creative Rut Part 1

 Lightings, Layers & Reflections. {All images via}

Learn a new skill. I am a lifer when it comes to my education. Not in the formal sense of the idea though. I do not and will not have multiple degrees behind my name. What I mean by keep learning, is find something that interests you, even if it has nothing to do with your career at the moment. I recently purchased a loom so I could learn how to weave. I did this because I was interested, and because I want my brain to be stimulated by something other than blogging and interior design. This point is very very important. As creatives, we need to find inspiration outside of our box. This can open us up to many unique and creative thoughts. I also love that online learning has become so prevalent. Check out, it is a site where you can learn many different skills from your creative colleagues for a very small fee.

Exercise & Diet. This is a big one for me. I am a runner. When I have weeks of little or no physical activity, my brain suffers. I find exercise is key for keeping my anxiety levels down and keeping my brain clear. I have a few exercise routines to keep me focused, and have found things I like to do. Its finding an activity that makes you feel strong and ready to accomplish anything that is the key. I also like hiking and taking yoga to help me with this.  Diet is another factor that can effect or thinking. I make sure to avoid sugar, and any refined products. I always try to eat fresh and cook at home. This is a good way to avoid unnecessary fat or sodium that can consume restaurant food. Check out  It is a wonderful resource for healthy cooking. They also have gluten free and vegetarian recipes that look delicious. You can also follow my healthy living board on Pinterest here.

Thats enough for today. Let me know if any of this helps, or what your techniques for inspiring creativity are. Have a wonderful week. I am striving to post an article two days a week. So I hope to see you back here soon.


Parisian Perfection

I was browsing through Share Design Inspiration Blog and came across this stunning Parisian apartment.  It is the home to a design power couple, Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier. They converted this 19th century apartment into a classic, yet contemporary space. They complimented the bones of this beautiful apartment with their minimalistic approach to the decor. I love how monochromatic it is, and yet so many interesting aspects to their design approach. The oversized art leaning against the walls are so wonderful. You don’t often see this done with such grace. Enjoy browsing this lovely home….

parisian perfection

ShareDesign_ParisHomeofPatrickGillesDorotheeBoissier19 ShareDesign_ParisHomeofPatrickGillesDorotheeBoissier05 ShareDesign_ParisHomeofPatrickGillesDorotheeBoissier03 ShareDesign_ParisHomeofPatrickGillesDorotheeBoissier07 parisian perfection


{ images from }

G&A Travel Guide – Höst Copenhagen

While we were just recently in Copenhagen we had the pleasure of eating at Höst, one of a handful of restaurants owned by Cofoco, a Danish restauranteurs company.  Besides the food being pretty fantastic, the interior design was absolutely stunning. I love the minimalistic approach to Scandinavian style they chose to use. It really compliments the nordic style menu they have created here at Höst. The modern, rustic, Scandinavian interiors that make up Höst were designed by Norm Architects and Menu. These two companies are definitely leaders in Scandinavian design. I found so much inspiration within these walls.  The rustic textures of the walls and ceilings adds so much warmth, plus all the great pottery and plants scattered about really draws you into the space. Serious kudos to the designers behind Höst. I’m kinda in love, is it too obvious?! HA!

G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen

G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen

G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide - Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide - Höst CopenhagenYou can find all the gorgeous New Norm dinnerware featured here and loads more of beautiful minimalistic items featured with their designers in Menu’s latest catalogG&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen

G&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen

G&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen G&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen
Interior Restaurant Design Crush - Höst

G&A Travel Guide -  Höst Copenhagen Its not surprising that Höst won “The World’s Best Designed Restaurant” award by the Bar & Restaurant Design Awards in London in September of this year. What did surprise me is this would be the first time ever a Danish restaurant received the award. We visited a handful of restaurants in Copenhagen alone ( including Noma) that I felt were just beautiful, and better than some I have seen anywhere.  But, I am partial to Nordic / Scandinavian style. I want to close this post with a quote from New Norm’s thoughts on Höst. Höst is “the exquisite result of clashes : romantic, yet modern, urban yet simplistic. It holds a very special place in people’s hearts because of its multiple stories, mixed inspirations and materials.” Could not have said it better myself. So, what do you think of this restaurant? Do you love Nordic style interiors? Have you ever been here? Would love to hear your thoughts / opinions on this design. Have a great weekend!

{images – Norm Architects Copenhagen, Menu, Bar & Restaurant Design Awards}



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